Gamers' Favourites

Gamers' Favourites

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With so many great consoles and games out there, it can be difficult to find the right one for the gamer in your life. Eliminate the guesswork and give your family and friends the best ticket to the gaming world with our Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card. Our Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card can be used with many of the top gaming brands, so your recipient can always conquer the virtual world with new games, downloadable content and more.

The Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card can be spent directly online with selected partners or you can swap the funds on your Favourites card for an e-Code for your chosen platform.

To access 1000’s of games to play on mobile, PC or console, swap your Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card for an e-Code for the platform of your choice. Or redeem your Gamers’ Favourites Gift Card direct with League of Legends. 

The minimum loadable balance for this card is £10.00, & the maximum balance you can have on a card is £100.00

Funds are available to load in increments of £1.00

For a list of the cards T’s & C’s, please click here

There is a 5 year max life on plastic cards and Favourites Gift Cards do not expire but we apply an "inactive" balance charge monthly after 18 months of 90p until the card balance reaches zero. If there are funds remaining on the card after the plastic expiry date we replace the card.

Once purchased, funds should be available for redemption on your Favourites Gift Card within 3 working days. You can check the balance of your card by clicking here or calling 0330 828 0881. Please always check the balance on your Card before trying to make a purchase.

If your Favourites Gift Card is lost or stolen please contact Customer Services on 0345 434 9993 as soon as possible so we can arrange for your Favourites Gift Card to be blocked.  You will need to provide your Card number in order for us to do this